Mataffin Precinct


The scale of the development of Mataffin Precinct and the nature of the outcomes are immense. The township relies on the development of land parcels as a series of unique urban ‘neighbourhoods’ of varying density, tenure, affordability and character. The neighbourhood concept is based on a central core, public transport and acceptable walking distances, with the neighbourhood’s centre accommodating higher density residential, social and recreation facilities, neighbourhood retail and a concentration of infrastructure services:

  • Land parcels can be released for development in phases (as road and services infrastructure is extended).
  • Each neighbourhood can have different housing typologies, and mixes of levels of affordability, etc.
  • The open space network can be expanded as urban neighbourhoods are developed
  • Neighbourhood type and character can be amended over time according to market demand, funding availability, changes in taste, etc.
  • Scheme development will always appear complete, rather than being perpetually under construction.
  • Urban neighbourhoods can be branded individually under a family brand for marketing purposes.

Potential anchors, whose development is being considered in the Mataffin Township include:

  • Tertiary educational institutes
    • University
    • Sports Academy
    • Tourism Training
  • Tertiary health facility
  • Commercial anchors such as:
    • Innovation Hub
  • Sports, recreation and heritage
    • Sports academies
    • Museums


  • EIA report
  • Detailed designs – Phase 1
  • Infrastructure – Electrical and water
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