Pioneering farming enterprise, HL Hall & Sons, was founded by Hugh Lanion Hall in 1890. From the beginning, Halls has been a company in tireless evolution; confronted by changing markets and business challenges, the company developed and grew. Although rooted in fresh produce, the group continues to expand and progress as a diversified corporation. Property development and new investments, primarily in the fields of financial services and pharmaceutical products, carry HL Hall & Sons into the millennium and beyond.

Firmly planted, yes. Looking back, no. HL Hall & Sons takes  its responsibility to create value for both current stakeholders and future generations seriously and our bottom line is to focus on people, place and prosperity.  HL Hall & Sons has been making a difference both to the Lowveld and the communities in which we operate for over 125 years.

HL Hall & Sons Properties

In the 1980’s, HL Hall & Sons effected the company’s largest transformation in 90 years by diversifying into property development. The foundations of Halls Properties are firmly set in the ethos established by HL Hall and sustained through four generations – land is a valuable, non-renewable resource to be managed with careful planning and long-range vision for the benefit of the generations to follow.

These strong, traditional values don’t hold us back from proactively changing the property development landscape in Mbombela. Industrial, commercial and residential development is our business and visionary landmark development is how we do it.

Collaboration with specialist experienced partners is a cornerstone of Halls Properties’ business philosophy. Partnership provides increased opportunities for others to participate in the successful Riverside Park development; it also strengthens the project development team, if and when required. Teamwork and unity is strength.

Riverside Mall with Colliers RMS

The Auto Centre with Kellaprince;

Residential developments, Riverside Gardens and Garden Pavilion with Vonzail

The Grove shopping centre as part of the Riverside Development Initiative (RDI)

Mataffin Macadamia Devco (Pty) Ltd

A current joint venture partnership between Halls Properties and the Tony Lagerway Group which was established for the development of the Mataffin Macadamia Lifestyle and Retirement Village.  This successful partnership has resulted in the development of a lifestyle village which caters to a variety of housing typologies and residents, ranging from freehold lifestyle units to assisted living sectional title apartments.  Development of the village commenced in 2011 and is nearing completion.

Diversity is at the heart of this small, Mbombela-based team which is driven by a passion for property development and a shared vision for the sustainable, responsible growth of the city. The team, comprising a development arm and a finance arm working together to achieve common goals, is led by Managing Director Sabine Walker.

With a depth of experience, this team undertakes a land manufacturing and selling process that results in the transfer of thousands of square metres of development land annually.

Sabine Walker 
Managing Director

Joe Izeboud
Development Manager

Xolile Khumalo
Finance Manager

Minenhle Qwabe

Project Manager

Natasha Smit 

Facilities Manager

Maryanne Bosch 

Accounts Officer