The Phase 3 townships approved as Riverside Extension 27 and 29, divided to form Extensions 31 to 34 and 37 to 43, respectively, offer an excellent opportunity for future mixed use development. These townships have extensive rights for retail, office, and residential, hotel, and value retail, light industrial and commercial development. With a medical node is due to launch in the near future, the first phase of Extension 27 offers investors an excellent opportunity for a variety of mixed uses.

Riverside Estate, Riverside Gardens and Garden Pavilion are prestigious townhouse and cluster housing developments which border the Lowveld Botanical Gardens. These developments were completed and sold out during Phase 1 of the Riverside development.

Future residential opportunities include social housing opportunities in Rocky Drift and Mataffin and future lifestyle residential development at Boschrand Heights, situated north of Riverside Extension 30 and the established Elawini residential estate.

Boschrand Heights will bring some 2 400 residential opportunities to the market, ranging in density from rural residential (1 du/ha) to higher density development (50+ du/ha).  This offering will cater to the long term growth of the city and the associated housing demand.  Situated in close proximity to the vibrant Riverside Precinct and the University of Mpumalanga, this planned residential development provides a natural northbound extension of the city towards White River.

Rocky Drift Ext 44 and the Mataffin stadium precinct offer opportunities for high density development to address the significant housing crisis faced by the municipality.  These sites offer opportunities to residential developers to bring residential development closer to work opportunities and will assist in addressing the critical housing backlog.

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